The Booming Case of the Batarang, Part 2

Tales from the Front

            For faithful followers of “Tales From the Front”, you may recall a missive I authored a few months back, entitled “The Booming Case of the Batarang.” To refresh your collective recollections, or for the uninitiated, my office was retained by “Alfred”, to sue his former friend and business partner “Lucius”, for co-development of the Batarang.

After Alfred’s former law firm, the Gotham City Shark Law Firm, threw in the towel, Alfred retained my office to enforce the judgment against Lucius, and despite the fact that Lucius had no bank accounts under his name, owned no home and rents, and lives in part of Gotham where one can take public transportation so he had no car, I had discovered seventeen resellers which sold the Batarang, including, Gotham City Depot, The Bullseye, Goth-Mart, and Nanda Parbat Trading company.


We served subpoenas on all the third-party suppliers that had a domestic presence in Gotham City. Most of them were all holding funds scheduled to be payable to Lucius. We brought motions on them, and to our joy, funds started coming in.

Well, today is a follow-up to that.

We now have several of the resellers who were paying us based on a “snapshot-in-time”, namely, what they were holding at that exact instance. However, we now have one where we brought a motion to compel their continual processing of payments to be turned over directly to us, so we are now receiving a steady stream of payments for the sales of Batarangs.

It’s been almost a year, and still, Lucius has never once contacted our office, nor have we ever received any correspondence from an attorney representing him.

However, we did receive a letter from an attorney, Mr. Harvey Dent, Esq. Mr. Dent was Lucius’s attorney who defended the action (and lost) against the Gotham City Shark Law Firm. Mr. Dent sent us a letter explaining that he had also obtained a judgment against Lucius for unpaid legal fees, and wanted to essentially steal our motions, so he could bring the same motions against the retail resellers, so he could collect!

I considered helping him, perhaps having him retain our office on a limited basis to assist him. I wondered if there was a conflict of interest issue, but it never got that far, because Dent wasn’t interested in paying my firm. He just wanted us to share our motion papers with him. We refused to do so.

I don’t know if Mr. Dent ever tried to proceed against Lucius on his own. However, this past week, I received a call from an attorney, Mr. Edward Nygma. Mr. Nygma told me that he was an attorney who was friends with Mr. Dent, and heard about what we did with the Batarangs. Nygma then retained us to sue his clients who didn’t pay him. Looks like our own little Legion of Doom.

Timothy Wan is the CEO of the law firm Smith Carroad Levy Wan & Parikh, in Long Island,  New York, and can be reached at Get it?