What we do

Creditors’ Rights/Business Law

We have the experience and expertise necessary to help the business owner protect their rights as a potential creditor, whether it’s guiding business owners in purchasing or selling a business, creating and forming their business relationships, or looking to incorporate or form any sort of business entity, be it a partnership, corporation, or limited liability company. We can protect you in the event the business deal does not proceed as expected, or your customers/clients do not live up to their obligations. We are fully able to draft your contracts and invoices, review an agreement proposed to you, negotiate a deal, or draft an agreement from scratch, so as to protect your business’s rights.

Commercial Litigation

As commercial litigators, we can handle business-to-business claims, including actions against personal guarantors, successors-in-interest, or evaluating whether there is any potential to pierce the corporate veil. Our firm has a proven track record of success, and to give you the learned analysis you need to make solid business decisions.

Judgment Enforcement

After a judgment has been entered by a creditor, we have the technology, resources, and most of all, creativity, to enforce potentially collectible judgments. We have had significant experience proceeding on cases under alter-ego theory, alias theory, or piercing the corporate veil. While the enforcement process can be painstakingly slow, we have the patience and temperament to ensure that your rights as a creditor are protected.

Patient Accounts Collection

Our firm was a pioneer in medical debt litigation in New York City and Long Island during the early 2000’s, creating law by litigating thousands of patient collection cases on behalf of medical providers, ranging from large health systems, to private medical practices, to veterinary services, and to dental practices. No matter the size nor volume, our firm is fully equipped and entirely compliant with HIPPA, in order to collect on your outstanding patient accounts.

Rent Arrears Recovery

Once your tenant is no longer in possession, we can locate, skip trace, demand payment, file suit, enter judgment, and enforce the judgment. Whether you previously received a judgment of eviction and are due rent and eviction expenses, or even if you obtained a money judgment in Housing Court and cannot locate the tenant in order to enforce the judgment, we have the experience and resources to track down the tenants and collect on both commercial or residential rent arrears.

Insurance Premium Collection

Our firm was founded on workers’ compensation premium collection and enforcing retroactive audits. We have staff with a combined experience of over a century, who have the expertise in dealing with insurance collections, and ascertaining and actualizing recovery.

Construction Collections

Whether you are the material supplier who extended credit to the contractor, a subcontractor who was not paid by the general contractor, a general contractor who needs to pursue a subcontractor, or a contractor who was not paid by a property owning customer, we have the experience and tools to collect on the debts owed.

Skilled Trade Repair/Service Debts

If you are a business owner who has rendered a service, and your customer has not paid you, we will seek to collect what you are owed from your customer, in a professional and legal manner. We represent landscapers, electricians, fuel oil delivery, handymen, HVAC repair companies, and all sorts of skilled trade and service industries, and these businesses in maximizing their return.

Leasing Deficiency Balances

Our firm has decades of experience in litigating and collecting on lease deficiency balances, ranging from motor vehicles, restaurant equipment, construction machinery, and anything else in between.

Student Loan/Tuition Accounts

Whether the educational institution is a post-graduate University, a private high-school, a pre-school, or anything in between, our firm has the experience and expertise to maximize the potential recovery, and enforce the rights of the educational institution.

Advertising Insertion Indebtedness

Whether you are a digital marketing agency, or a traditional print advertising company, or a television and radio media company, we can proceed against your clients who did not pay, in a manner in which the relationship or be resurrected and rehabilitated.

Governmental Agency Enforcement

We have represented various governmental and municipalities in the enforcement of tax warrants, judgments, fines, and outstanding receivables, ranging from State appointments, to County, City, Town, and Village.

Attorney Fees Recovery

Every attorney should have an area of expertise. Ours is suing on behalf of other attorneys to recover unpaid fees. We can guide the attorney through the mandatory arbitration process, confirm arbitration awards, and file plenary suits for the recovery of fees. As the old adage says, “A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.” We can help avoid that foolishness.